Choosing the Right Pool Cue: Why Is It Important?

Just like any other game, in billiards, the equipment makes all the difference. Needless to say, the technique, fast-thinking, and the skillset, in general, are greatly important as well, however, without the right tool, they will not matter.

To best understand the importance of the pool cues, consider it your weapon and the pool table - the battlefield. It is a situation where only one can win. You indeed can try and calculate your rival’s next move all you want, but not holding a proper and functional weapon in your hand means you have lost the battle before it even began.


 Now, let’s go back to real life.

 As a person who would like to improve their pool game and take it to the next level, you should definitely think of investing in your own pool cue stick. Gone are the days of using bar and pool hall sticks. If you would like to be better, you first have to act like it.

 In the process of choosing the perfect pool cue for you (emphasis on “ for you”), you need to ask yourself these two important questions that will help you make the right decision:

  1. Do I plan on (frequently) changing the cue?
  2. How much can I spend on a cue?

Once you have the answers to both questions, it is time for your hunt to start.

Is it necessary to mention that the longer you wish your pool cue to last, the more expensive it will be? It makes sense, doesn’t it?

In case you plan on (frequently) changing the cue stick to test what type or brand best works for you, then I highly suggest looking for a cue that fits your price range.

However, if you already have an idea of what kind of pool cue (regarding length, weight, as well as cue tip) you are looking for, I advise you to invest in a cue stick that is made from more quality, sturdy and durable materials, all of which generate a higher price. Do not let the price change your mind as such an investment is always worth making.

This being said, you could not come across this article at a better time.

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