Where tradition meets success: Longoni & Niels Feijen

"A brand is not just a logo, a website, or a business card. It is an experience"

The year is 1945. The location is Mariano Commense, near Milan, Italy. World War II has just ended. 

An ambitious man, named Alessandro Longoni, decides to start his own workshop for the repair and production of billiard tables and cues. Remarkably in love with the billiard sports, Longoni aimed for the best. Little did he know back then, the best indeed was yet to come. 

Existing for more than 75 years now, Longoni SRL represents a synonym for quality, high-end, respect, fame, and history in the billiard games.

Alessandro Longoni himself, trained at a historic Milanese company "F.Lli Della Chiesa", thanks to the experience gained, best knew how to offer exactly what was needed in the industry. Along with several neighboring towns, Alessandro’s hometown, Mariano Comense, was already well-known for exceptional woodworking - something that will play a huge role in the overall success of the company. Due to having no machinery at the beginning, the Longoni family did everything by hand, which led to their work being almost instantly recognized and utterly appreciated.

The ’60s, as a time when the economy was at its peak in Italy, were quite a significant and successful era for the brand as well. The company’s structure, already established, involved heirs that showed interest in learning the craft. Renzo Longoni, with his wife Francesca Luzzi, both had a huge stake in the company as they were considered the managerial soul of it.


Today, the Longoni group is run and managed by Pierluigi Longoni who devoted himself to continuing the family heritage, never compromising on the quality of the Longoni products. Internationally known and respected, Longoni cues are customized for diverse carom billiards disciplines such as artistic billiards, five-pin, three-cushion, as well as Russian pyramid and pool cues. The company’s hallmark is the unusual butt design of the cues that often include intricate inlay ornaments, sewn-in leather strips, and octagonal cuts. 

Apart from their original designs, the company has worked with some of the biggest names in the billiards sports such as Dick Jaspers, Frederic Caudron, as well as myself, Niels Feijen, that led to several new lines of Longoni pool and carom cues being created over the years with champions’ help in design.

One of the most significant aspects of the company’s culture is sustainability as the brand has always placed a focus on human resources’ protection and environmental policies. Such practices especially developed and respected over the last decade, allowed the company to contribute to the CO2 emissions, reduction of energy consumption, and with that create a safer and healthier work environment. 


With all this said, it is almost unnecessary to mention how honorable it is to collaborate with a brand like Longoni. Up until now, I had the chance to work side by side with Longoni’s creators and founders, to design and create three different unique lines of pool cues.

As found on the shop’s website, “Flames” is the 6th signed model, peculiarly made, with such attention to detail and professionalism. The cue can be found in four different variants such as Longoni leather strips, linen, leather, and of course, wood. 

The process of making my “Flames” cue, can be found on my YouTube channel, where I spent the whole day at the Longoni Factory, creating a short documentary for the thought, work, and effort that goes into creating such a gem.

“Luna Nera”, as a forceful concept shaft, is a model created for pool and carom billiards disciplines. The purpose of this model, as mentioned in the product description is to match the different requirements billiard sports players have.

The third and final line of cues is the “Sparkle”, probably among the most prestigious models. Made with Ural Blackwood, involving a pure black design with a Vp2 joint, the “Sparkle” is a true masterpiece available in three types of grip such as Irish Linen, Italian leathered black, and curly maple.

Needless to say, the products of the Longoni brand undoubtedly offer reliability and power - aspects extremely meaningful in billiard games. “Made in Italy since 1945” evokes not only reputation but also trust in a game world where nothing else but your set of eyes, composure, and focus can be trusted.

And frankly, that says everything you need to know about the power of the Longoni name in the world of billiards.